Day 10 – Not GW’s Birthday, Memorial Day, 31 May 2010

Happy Memorial Day. I think about our soldiers every day here. All the guys who protect me are ex-US or British soldiers.

1. DEMONSTRATIONS. I was supposed to take a car to the Export Promotion Agency this morning but I was asked to wait because there was a demonstration. Apparently, there was a local TV program last night that reported NGOs and security companies are trying to convert Afghans to Christianity. This morning there was a demonstration in front of Parliament. The aftermath of the demonstration was the worst traffic I’ve experienced in Kabul.

2. KREMROL. At the office, they usually bring in bulani for breakfast. It’s kind of like of a scallion pancake in a Chinese restaurant. Today, they brought in kremrol, a local breakfast pastry. It was a round pastry with sweet white stuff inside … a creme roll.

– If you want Heineken here, you can get it. Home delivery. $50 per case. Ouch.
– Two of the better books I’ve read in the past 5 years, Three Cups of Tea (indirectly) and The Kite Runner (directly), both relate to Afghanistan.
– Despite my distaste for CNN’s politics (We’re right of MSNBC and left of Fox, therefore we must be unbiased.) and shoving climate change down my throat, the blog, Afghanistan Crossroads is great if you are interested in Afghanistan.
– If you’re keeping score, the leader of the Kandahar Taliban was killed by US forces today.
– I took a different route today to the Export Promotion Agency and saw girls’ schools. I was told the young girls go to school now and young women are allowed to attend Kabul University. Take that Taliban.
– I retract my insults to the Taliban. The peace jirga begins tomorrow and I should have an open mind and heart.

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